Bodyglide Ab1 Anti Friction Skin Formula

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Bodyglide Ab1 Anti Friction Skin Formula - Stop trouble before it starts: It is remarkably comfortable and reliably effective. Skin Formula is not another liquid, powdery substance, lotion, potion-or an empty promise. Friction: Friction, or rubbing, is a root cause of blisters, chafing, saddle sores, rash, and other forms of skin irritation. Use and benefits: Skin Formula helps guard against friction - and it helps moisturize skin and protect it against dryness, cracking, and a range of specialized skin needs. It works in dry, hot, cold, humid, and even wet conditions - and it stands up to wind, fresh and salt water. Proven reliability: Year after year, and around, the world, the extent of the reliability of this product is demonstrated in sports. Marathon runners, cyclists, triathletes, and adventure racers depend on Skin Formula to see them through the toughest competition. Invisible and effective: The formula combines all natural plant-derived triglycerides (waxes), with aloe and vitamin e - and it's packaged in a convenient stick.
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Just say no to chafing with BodyGlide Original Anti-Chafe balm, designed to protect skin against irritation, chafing and blisters. Whatever your preferred activity, it's bound to be tough on the body, and i...  More Info
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